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The Jerusalem Artichoke Initiative

We Want to Deliver Better Health to People and the Planet.
Launch of the Jerusalem Artichoke Project!

Have you heard of the Jerusalem Artichoke, which has been attracting attention as a healthy vegetable?

Making use of the benefits of food to enjoy eating it while maintaining your health. With the aim of achieving this, Watami has so far cultivated and sold a variety of organic vegetables, including ginger, garlic and carrots. This time, we are focusing on Jerusalem artichoke. We plan to incorporate it into the box lunches of Watami’s food delivery business, and menus of our dining business.


To turn it into Watami Organic’s main product, we began cultivating organic Jerusalem artichokes at five farms of the Watami Group.

As a strategic crop for Watami, we plan to increase production to around 300 t in three years’ time by steadily expanding the cultivation area every year.

Vitalizing Japan through Jerusalem artichokes!
The launch of Watami’s Jerusalem Artichoke Project.

Jerusalem Artichoke, the Healthy Vegetable Rich in Fibers for a Healthier Body

Jerusalem artichoke is rich in dietary fibers known as inulins. Inulin is rarely absorbed into the body, but it feeds enterobacteria, which can solve fundamental issues, such as providing relief from constipation, boosting immunity and vitalizing people.

Furthermore, Jerusalem artichoke contains minerals, such as zinc, polyphenols, and vitamins of the B family for which it has been attracting attention as a healthy vegetable.

Jerusalem Artichoke

The inulin contained in Jerusalem artichokes allows the reaping of benefits of enterobacteria (microorganisms). Enterobacteria prop up our health, just like microorganisms in the soil. We must eat healthy food in order to improve our own health. This all begins with the nurturing of soil.

Pie chart of substances contained in dry powder

Taken from data provided by the TU University of Germany

Realizing Health in Mind and Body through Food

We want to deliver deliciousness and health through food. Of course, this must be based on the precondition that we will protect the Earth, the source of all life.
That is Watami’s philosophy.

Our goal is to deliver products that “create a future in which our bodies are fundamentally vitalized.

Aiming to remain healthy for as long as possible with a healthier future.
Adopt the organic way of life.


The Jerusalem artichoke contains a substance that has been attracting a lot of attention. We are currently considering serving it at our bars as “shochu” and fried artichoke.

The Jerusalem artichokes currently being cultivated are being used to make Jerusalem artichoke tea and “shochu” for serving throughout Japan through bars and restaurants, and food delivery services.

We invite you to try the products we have cultivated through meticulous attention paid to nurturing the soil and making use of their benefits.